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06.11.2021 | 18:00

J. S. Bach | Kantate Nr. 90
Es reißet euch ein schrecklich Ende hin

Jennifer Gleinig (alto), Patrick Grahl (tenor), Jörg Gottschick (bass), Bach-Collegium, director: Achim Zimmermann, liturgist: Pfarrer Martin Germer
Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis-Kirche | Admission free.

The cantata will be performed in a church service with an audience. However, the number of seats is limited and you have to register via the website of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. Please observe the current corona regulations. This concerns in particular the fact that a surgical mask has to be worn when entering and leaving and during the whole stay in the church, including its secondary rooms and lavatories. For further information please consult our hygiene and safety measures. Thank you.

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Information on video recordings of individual recorded cantata services can be found in the calendar.



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17.12.2021 | 19:30

J. S. Bach | Weihnachtsoratorium BWV 248
Kantaten I-III

Soloists, Bach-Chor, Bach-Collegium, director: Achim Zimmermann
Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis-Kirche | 

Cantatas IV-VI of the Christmas Oratorio will be performed on December 18, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.